Waleed Najeeb, MD


Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine

Dr. Najeeb is board Certified in Internal medicine, Pulmonary medicine and Sleep Medicine. He has been practicing in Milwaukee Metro Area for over 20 years. 

Office Locations

2501 W Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee, WI-53209

Phone: (414) 461-9250

5233 S 27th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53221

Phone: (414) 727-5850

Languages Spoken

English, Arabic, Russion

Maqbool Arshad, MD


Pulmonary and SleepMedicine

Dr. Arshad has been practicing in Milwukee area for over 20 years. 

Office Location

3201 S 16th St. Milwaukee,Wisconsin 53215

Phone: (414) 647-2326